It is time to take another trip to the black fantasy land, Wakanda. Black Panther 2 is in the works and it has been formally confirmed.

Multiple award-winning Director, Ryan Coogler known for his work in Creed and Black Panther has been engaged again to fuel our adrenalin and take us back to Wakanda wonderland. Hollywood Reporter has stated that Coogler has finalised a deal to write and direct the Marvel film.

Black people were excited over the film, Black Panther and everybody saw it and this film made over $1.3 billion (N473.4 billion) worldwide.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Coogler is planning to start writing the script in 2019 and is considering starting production in late 2019 or 2020

Black Panther. Photo credit: QuirkyByte

Fans are wondering how it will all play out considering how Avengers Infinity war ended with T’Challa (Black Panther) disappearing in a litter of dust.

Fans are ready for whatever Coogler has in store because no matter what happens, Wakanda Forever!!

Source: Naija Hope Team


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